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Perth Gin


Perth Gin


Waterslide & Direct Print

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Front, Back and Neck Decoration

A fine gin from our fair city

From just up the road from us comes some handcrafted splendour from The Perth Distillery Co. Their collection of artisan gins has won accolades and fans the world over, and we couldn’t be more pleased to help them showcase their finest products. They offer various takes on their gin, and we’ve worked with them on the packaging of all of them.

Perth in miniature

Alongside their main products, we also help Perth Distillery Co produce their range in a selection of 5cl and 20cl miniatures. Taking their original design, we worked with them to shrink their artwork, making necessary adjustments to maintain consistency with their full-size direct-to-glass print and allowing us to offer a high-definition image to print on vinyl, which we can then apply with its own adhesive. All while maintaining the quality their brand embodies.

Super smooth with a tactile finish

Perth gin is known for its gentle finish, but we wanted to ensure their packaging reflected the quality that their product deserves in their consumers’ hands too. And Perth was one of our first clients to come and join us in our Perthshire production facility on a development day where we could live-sample their artwork and make adjustments on the go. Working together, we went for a high-build varnish on key design elements to give them a raised premium feel and something to catch their customers’ eye.

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