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Kinrara Gin


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Kinrara Distillery produces a range of craft gins from their base just outside Aviemore, set in the spectacular highland landscape of The Cairngorms National Park. Renowned for their ability to marry locally foraged rosehips and rowan berries with the more traditional juniper berries, their gins have won numerous local and international accolades.

Among Kinrara’s award-winning small batches come their Artist Editions. A collection that we have had the pleasure of working on to help create.

The paintbrushes of unique techniques

Looking to deliver some creative impact from their packaging, Kinrara opted for a white spray finish for the bottle base of their Artists Editions, where we then picked up the challenge of helping them bring this canvas to life – by showcasing the work of Kat Baxter. Conscious of the need to replicate the true colours of Kat Baxter’s artwork and the technical nature of working with a sprayed basecoat, we adopted the tried and tested method of waterslide transfer to label their bottle.

To maximise the available canvas and to give them even more of an edge, we applied the waterslide transfers around the corners of a number of the editions, helping to deliver their ambition of a bottle worthy of any drinks cabinet or bar.

Through our long experience and expertise, we successfully navigated the complications that can sometimes arise from applying waterslide transfers to spray coatings, such as the need for water-based inks to avoid high-temperature issues, plus some adhesion concerns. In overcoming these minor hurdles, we helped deliver the unique finish they and their design team had envisioned.

Outstanding results

Kinrara Distillery is well known for producing an excellent ‘London Dry’, or Highland Dry, as their mainstay. Still, with an equally significant reputation for pushing boundaries and experimenting across their other products, we are excited to see (and taste) what they come up with next.

One thing we’re sure of, whatever the expression Kinrara chooses to release, they will be looking to create a piece of standout packaging to deliver it in. We are ready and waiting to step up to the challenge they set for us.

If you have a project or piece of glass decoration in mind that pushes boundaries and could do with our team’s careful attention, we would love the opportunity to help turn your vision into reality.

“Audrey and the team at Image On Glass have been vital in helping us execute beautifully decorated bottles time and time again. Always keeping an eye on the quality of the product along with communicating any issues clearly and helping overcome them. A seamless transition, taking care of all your decorating needs. I would highly recommend the team.”

Rebecca Sims

Business manager, Kinrara Distillery

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