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Teeling Whisky


Teeling Whisky


Digital Print and Waterslide Transfer

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Front and Back Decoration

Whiskey for life

New kid on the block Teeling Whiskey Distillery is one of Dublin’s newest distilleries. In fact, Teeling is the first new distillery to open in Dublin in over 125 years. Although they set up in 2015, don’t let that fool you into thinking the Teeling’s don’t know their way around the industry. There’s whiskey-making in the family as far back as 1782. And when Jack and Stephen Teeling set out to make their contribution to extending the family tradition, they were keen to do things a little differently.

Our full bottle service

Like a phoenix from the ashes (peaty ashes, we assume), Teeling’s Blackpitts has risen to become one of our most significant orders within their range. Taking the opportunity to forgo a traditional label for this expression, Teeling relies on us to bring their phoenix to life through our digital print process. To simplify their supply chain for this particular range we decorate it, and then provide it to them for filling. This full-package service allows Teeling to take advantage of the supply-side savings of the robustness of our digital print over paper labels. Alongside Blackpitts, we work with them on their distillery exclusives and other unique expressions.

A bird in the hand

Not only does Blackpitts’ phoenix bottle design look striking on shelf, but we worked with them to enhance its tactile nature by varying the volume of ink in certain parts of the design. A creative flourish that is still surprisingly cost-effective, given its single colour process.

We relish the opportunity to work with brands and their designers on touches like this, and we look forward to working on new and exciting versions of how this process can manifest itself in years to come.

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