Our Services

You design it, we deliver it.

Working with outstanding designers and brand teams from all over the world has helped shape our offering. We have been industry experts in traditional waterslide and kiln-fired transfers for decades. Now, we’ve brought our expertise to bear on new and exciting technology. First to the market in the UK, we are bringing digital-printing direct to our clients.


Waterslide Transfer

Tried and true

Waterslide transfer is an excellent form of applying complex and detailed design to your bottle, glassware, or branded item. Waterslide transfers are known to form a smooth and thin finish that lasts.

For those looking for larger orders, this exceptionally reliable option provides many benefits over paper labels. Although perfect for glass, the kiln-drying or curing process can be tricky on alternative substrates.

Digital direct

Stand out from the crowd

With advancements in print technology, we have brought to market a highly cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for clients looking to step away from more traditional processes. We’re looking forward to pushing the limits of glass decoration by leaving behind the time, cost, and limitation of creating and applying separate transfers.

  • Perfect
    for small runs

  • Huge 80% reduction
    in carbon emissions

    *over waterslide technique

  • Unlimited

  • 100% on/off
    quality control


Screen Printing

Lighting the way

We screen print using the latest in ultra-violet (UV) light-cured inks. This high-speed, high-quality process gives outstanding results and some of the best eco-credentials of all methods. Suitable for one or two colour decorations, this process makes high-volume runs easy and affordable.

  • Ideal for the production of 5,000 units or more
  • Unlimited colour choice, including metallics
  • 97% reduction in carbon emissions versus high temp. methods


Label Printing

Make your mark

Our high-quality digital vinyl labels are printed in-house and are a cost-effective option for small runs and smaller packaging options. Sometimes small but always mighty, they can still deliver bold and impactful designs. And if you’re unsure about applying the labels, no problem, we can do that for you too.

  • Low cost
  • Full and vivid colour options plus metallic effects
  • Can be applied in-house or delivered for self-application
  • Range of vinyl material and unique treatments available

In-house lab

Creating future classics

With almost instant iteration through our digital print process, we welcome you and your design team to visit us at our production facility in Crieff so we can work together to get the finish exactly as you imagine.

We’ve already experimented with sandwich prints, eco inks, embosses, and varnishes and look forward to working with you to create something a cut above the competition.