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Valinch and Mallet


Vallinch & Mallet


Digital Print & Waterslide Transfer

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Front & Back Decoration

The art of the
limited edition

Valinch & Mallet is one of our courageously independent bottlers of fine whiskies and decadent rums. Their brand was born of a shared passion for selecting rare and exquisite casks, where quality over quantity is their goal.

In this – their Spirit of Art collection, Valinch & Mallet knew they were looking to bring their packaging into line with their unique spirits. Wishing to host a series of up-and-coming and more renowned artists on their bottles, they needed a partner for their packaging who could deliver on the fine details of this ambition.

Limited edition packaging
meets unlimited potential

Valinch & Mallet had been looking for experts who could cope with the complicated demands of reproducing fine art on their bottles without the need to resort to labels, and had come up short, until they found us.

Employing our direct-to-glass digital printing process we were able to meet the exacting standards both Valinch & Mallet and their showcased artists would demand. The key to our success on this project is our ability to expertly reproduce the colours of their original artwork and mix different processes across their run, fine-tuning the recipe till we reached a faultless finish.

Working together, we’ve already come up with some truly exceptional glass decoration and we look forward to further pushing the boundaries of traditional techniques and cutting-edge process.

A small run
with big impact

Where others might look for volume, we relished the chance to share in the rarity of Valinch & Mallet editions. Small order quantities, but a mighty fine product is fine by us. With their focus on bespoke single-cask presentations, Valinch & Mallet certainly aren’t our largest client, but we love working with them on bringing their vision to life.

Likewise, if you have a project or piece of glass decoration in mind that would help create something showstopping on shelf, or a bottle that people crave almost as much as the contents then we’d love to hear about it.

“Image on Glass was able to transform our ideas into finished products, with a production method never used before in our industry. The quality is always outstanding but most of all I like their being open to discuss new projects and try new processes to stay ahead of the game!”

Davide Romano

Valinch and Mallet

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